Cheap car insurance and driving tips for the back to school rush

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The summer is winding down; the nights are just starting to get a little longer and schools all over are beginning to open their doors. That means driving patterns are going to change. If your morning commute takes place between 7 am and 9 am you will find it slowed down a bit while the school buses work out their new routes. It probably is a good time to consider shifting you hours if possible or getting up a littler earlier. It can be an annoyance being stuck in traffic. It may even be a problem if you arrive late for work, but it can be very costly if you make poor driving decisions around a school bus.

In all states, it is mandatory to stop for a school bus. School busses in the United States are equipped with warning lights that flash yellow as they approach and red when they are stopped and picking up children. If the lights are red, motorists must stop no closer than 30 feet from the bus. Failure to do can be very very costly. For Example in Pennsylvania, a ticket for failing to stop for a school bus will cost the driver a 60-day suspension of his/her license, five points and a minimum of $250 fine. If this infraction put you over six points (first time over in 3 years), you are required to take a written exam within 30 days. If you fail the exam, your license is suspended.

While many insurance companies do not check for moving violations every year, the suspension of your license will greatly raise your car insurance rates . Please be advised, that while you may think you got away with passing the bus because no officer was on the scene, you are probably mistaken. Many states permit the bus driver to take down your license, write down the time, location, and a description of the driver, and request a summons be issued for you. Many bus drivers take offense at drivers trying to beat the bus by speeding up to pass just as the bus is coming to a stop. Doing this could cost you a court date and legal fees to prove otherwise.

Cheap car insurance isn’t just about the policy you choose, it is also about the choices you make behind the wheel. To keep you cheap car insurance cheap, drive carefully.

Auto insurance quotes and coverage types to consider

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Auto insurance quotes can vary considerably, and if you’ve ever tried to choose different options when comparing quotes then you know that the difference can account for hundreds and even thousands of dollars. There are many different factors involved in auto insurance quotes, each having its weight in the final result. However, when it comes to outlining the most crucial aspects of insurance pricing, the type and amount of coverage are certainly the most influential aspects of the quote form. That’s why it is important to know the purpose of each coverage type before buying the policy. Here are the most common coverage types to consider:

Third party liability

This is the basic and the only mandatory coverage type that is included in every policy. It pays for the property damage and injuries delivered to the third party in an accident you were at fault. Each state has requirements on the minimal level of this coverage but it is advised to go beyond this level in order to make sure that even the most severe accidents will be covered.


Collision coverage pays you for repairing or replacing your vehicle in case of a collision with another car or element of infrastructure. Unlike third party liability coverage, it doesn’t matter who’s at fault in the accident.


Comprehensive coverage often comes hand by hand with collision as it is a complimentary feature. It pays for the damage sustained by your car in situations other than collision on the road such as wind, storms, riots, floods, earthquakes and others.

Uninsured motorist

If you are unfortunate to have a collision with an uninsured or hit-and-run motorist, your damage won’t be covered since the other party doesn’t offer any third party liability coverage. In cases like these, uninsured motorist coverage acts as the other party’s insurance policy and covers your losses.

Personal injury protection

Personal injury protection pays for the medical bills of the passengers and the driver of your car if they are injured during a collision. However, if the injured person has health insurance they are required to choose between either of the options.


This is a very useful coverage option for those taking a car loan. It covers the difference between your debt on loan and the amount of coverage paid by the insurance company in case you have a crash while still paying out your loan. Remember that the more coverage options you get with your policy the higher will be your auto insurance quotes. Sure, it’s tempting to get them all but as a result your policy will be too costly. So choose wisely and make sure to get only the ones that are really necessary for you.